What is
a virtual CISO?

vCISO – a “virtual” Chief Information Security Officer – a solution that will provide your company access to exclusive knowledge and experience of specialists who will assist you with all the support necessary to protect you against cyberattacks and meet legal or industrial requirements.

Why would you want a vCISO?

Advanced tools are only a part of the equation. Safety is a complex process which requires a combination of technical and organisational knowledge. Our vCISO service is the best way to gain access to years’ worth of industry experience of our specialists who will provide you with support, saving you time and money.

What do we do for you?

We know that business is of utmost importance to you, so our vCISO will cooperate with you to determine the primary objectives and priorities with regard to cybersecurity. Whether you need a quarterly analysis of present threats to your organisation or strictly practical assistance few days a week, vCISO will be able to provide a solution tailored to your needs. The vCISO service includes:

  • developing a cybersecurity programme
  • adjusting the organisation to comply with legal requirements
  • cybersecurity risk management
  • developing and monitoring documentation
  • reacting to incidents
  • penetration tests
  • social engineering tests
  • vulnerability analysis
  • threat assessment
  • personnel training
  • security audit
  • external suppliers audit

and much, much more.

Zainteresowany usługą
wirtualnego CISO?

Podaj swoje dane kontaktowe a nasz ekspert skontaktuje się z Tobą!

    Do I need a vCISO?

    If the organisation is considering hiring an external CISO, it is most frequently because they have a deficit in cybersecurity know-how. This may pose an issue, especially if you do not have anyone who could explain various technicalities in the implemented security measures, and your knowledge of the effectiveness of those safety measures is limited to whatever their salesmen told you.

    The word “virtual” in the name suggests
    that the position is an external rather
    than an internal one – crucially, however,
    ”virtual” does not mean absent.

    Nowadays, with shortages of cybersecurity experts, there are several good reasons for a company to consider hiring a vCISO. Below you will find three main reasons which companies decided to get an external CISO.

    Security management

    Lack of effective security procedures geared towards cooperation between all interested parties, set up to identify and respond to cybersecurity problems and risks, and to constantly confront them against the security measures in place.

    Legal and organisational requirements

    Insufficient knowledge regarding the company’s liabilities in the field of cybersecurity in the context of legal and industrial requirements that have an impact on the functioning of the organisation – personal data protection, meeting the security criteria of ISO norms, etc.


    High financial commitment related to hiring a full-time specialist which puts additional burden on the company’s resources with the additional costs not directly related to the upkeep of the full-time position, such as the cost of acquiring a qualified specialist from the job market.