Penetration test

quick identification of vulnerabilities
prompt report generation

Do you run an online business or have you contracted a software company to code a new online app for you and you want to make sure that you receive a product without gaps in security? Security of your clients is your priority? We will detect any security flaws for you faster than anyone else. We combine the latest technology and vast experience of certified professionals to provide the fastest penetration test service on the market.

fixed price

report available after up to 72 hours

highest detection rate

0% false positives

re-testing included in the price

Why pick us?

In our tests we utilise the most advanced technology trusted by companies such as: Amazon, NASA, European Central Bank, US Air Force, Coca Cola, HSBC, and Lufthansa. These are some solid recommendations, and thanks to combining the experience of our certified experts with the powerful tools for detecting vulnerabilities, we will save your time and money and minimise the risk of you suffering from a successful attack or a data leak.

our service vs. traditional pentest

Our penetration tests are much quicker and cheaper than the traditional approach which means that everyone can afford them. The tests result in a professional report about the security status of your internet application and infrastructure. The report contains practical guidelines on improving the security and eliminating the identified vulnerabilities.

Our serviceTraditional pentest
Pricefixed> 5 000 EUR
Time of completionup to 48 hminimum 5 days
Report ready in12 h1-2 weeks
Teamccertified expertscertified experts
Testing for the OWASP Top 10
Verification of bugs in the application
Manual verification of vulnerabilities
Exploit targetslimited to
a proof-of-concept
Vector of attacklimitedunlimited
Reportcomplete reportcomplete report

Steps of the penetration test


We confirm the target, the scope, the schedule, and the conditions of the tests. Everything is discussed during a half-an-hour long teleconference.


We focus on identifying as many vulnerabilities of the application and infrastructure as possible. Then we investigate the potential consequences of abusing the identified vulnerabilities for an attack.


The test process is summed up and the feedback is provided in the form of a report. Each identified vulnerability is described in detail with a recommendation on how to remove it.

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testów penetracyjnych?

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    What our report consists of

    This is where we describe the scope of the tests and present an assessment model with an explanation of the approach and methodology we used.

    Summary for the management
    This part contains a review of the most critical vulnerabilities identified with an indication of the associated risks.

    Results and recommendations
    Each gap in security is thoroughly described which allows you to identify its root cause and means of its reconstruction. This is where we describe all types of identified weak points, followed by instructions on how to tackle them quickly.

    we get

    The tests are conducted by accredited professionals with years of experience in the industry, holding the following certificates: CEH, OSCP, OSCE, CISSP, CISA.

    We combine experience with known methodologies, such as OWASP Testing Guide and Penetration Testing Execution Standard. The tests are conducted automatically with use of advanced tools, and we perform a manual follow-up check of any positive results.

    A penetration test is conducted in accordance with a strict schedule, 98% of all tests are completed in 48 hours. Should the declared time needed for the test be exceeded, you will be informed about the reason for the delay and the predicted time of completion. After the testing finishes, a report is produced. It is then sent to you the following working day.

    The outcome of the penetration test is a PDF report containing all information necessary to understand, recreate, and rectify the identified vulnerabilities.

    No. The way the service is provided prominently differentiates between an assessment of vulnerabilities and a penetration test. We aim to demonstrate the factual risk of vulnerabilities being exploited during an attack, rather than simply assess the threats. In case a high-threat problem is identified, you will be provided with proof-of-concepts showcasing how the vulnerability can be used to conduct an attack.

    Yes. You may test your client’s systems if you obtain their consent.

    We utilise the most advanced commercial solutions in the market of tools for analysing security flaws and aggregating results which renders the entire process much less time consuming. This allows us to test the most crucial aspects of security, verify them, and manually analyse the results without wasting time on setup, configuration, and data collection.

    After the report is delivered and discussed you will receive a VAT invoice with a payment term of 7 days.

    The price includes a test and 1 re-test. Retesting means verifying all vulnerabilities listed in the report. The product is a summary with the status of each detected flaw (fixed / not fixed) and a short explanation for each flaw.