Ikona Program cyberbezpieczeństwa


Effective analysis and assessment of cybersecurity measures allows to identify any shortcomings and helps minimise the risk of a successful attack on the company. Implementing a cybersecurity programme tailored to the needs of the organisation and based on the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification ensures that the company is properly equipped to handle any arising threats and challenges to security.

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Meeting constantly changing guidelines and legal regulations requires a lot of attention and responsibility. Our team of specialists will verify for you what works and what needs working on. We help companies comply with norms and standards and we assist them in their preparation to acquire certification in: ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27032, ISO 22301, TISAX.

Virtual Chief
Information Security Officer

We offer a solution that grants your company access to exclusive knowledge and experience of our certified specialists. The offer does not include hardware or software, but it ensures that you get all the necessary support in terms of maintaining security and conforming to legal requirements.


Red Teaming

cyberattack simulation

Are you sure that your competition does not have access to your company or to the e-mail accounts of your marketing department? How can you be sure that you are secure? We offer a simulated attack that utilises methods, techniques, and tools used by cybercriminals. Identify your weak points.


Penetration tests


Time is one of the key factors for maintaining security. We offer the quickest penetration tests of applications and infrastructure on the market. A report with full analysis is ready in 72 hours so you can quickly and easily eliminate all identified vulnerabilities or implement additional security measures to minimise the risk of a cyberattack.